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  • Party Ideas for the King's Coronation

    Royal Coronation Party Ideas Blog Post I My Dream Party Shop UK

    This year King Charles III will be crowned at his Coronation and just like the Jubilee we will be celebrating across the nation. Our Coronation Party guide has lots of fabulous ideas to help you organise the best street or garden party ever to celebrate the Coronation. We also have the widest range of stylish, modern Party Decorations available for the King's Coronation, but be fast as they will all sell out! You can currently get 10% off the entire collection until Friday 28 April 2023. Spend a minimum of £25.00 excluding postage) and use the code CORONATION10 at check out.

    The Coronation is taking place on Saturday 6 May and most street parties will be taking place on this date, although some people may choose to hold their parties on Sunday 7 May or the Bank Holiday Monday 8 May.

    Royal Coronation Street Party Ideas Blog Post I My Dream Party Shop UK


    If you are planning a street party then the first thing to do is make sure that you are complying with any council regulations. A private party in your street where all the neighbours are invited is the simpliest type of party to organise. You can find more information on this page or go your local council website. You need to allow plenty of time to get the go ahead so make sure you start as soon as possible.

    It is always worth getting some public liability insurance to cover off any accidents or incidents which could occur.

    You can make your life easier by putting together an organising committee and work out how you are going to raise the money required. Are you going to charge per household or per attendee?  What happens if it rains? Have plenty of marquees on stand by which can also act as shade if it is too hot and they give you something to tie bunting and other decorations to as well.

    For your seating ask everyone to bring their own outdoor tables and chairs and place them all next to each other as one long table or as close as possible.

    Entertainment at a Coronation Street Party I Royal Coronation Party Ideas I My Dream Party Shop


    Entertainment doesn't have to cost the earth and it can simply be a way of getting everyone involved.  Have a brainstorm with your organising committee.  What skills do you have between you.  Is anyone a really good hula hooper?  Can anyone juggle? Who is good with puppets? Think about street performers or maybe something traditional like a puppet show or a coconut shy. If you think back to the parties from the 70's it was all about a fancy dress parade so do encourage everyone to dress up. At the very least provide everyone with a party crown.

    Why not provide lots of chalk and ask all the children to draw a picture on the pavement or get a really long piece of paper and get them to create a mural to commemorate the day.

    Another idea is to provide simple fun items for everyone to play with and to encourage interaction between your neighbours. Items like individual or giant skipping ropes or hula hoops are great fun and everyone can have a go. Have bubble machines or get a hoop and large paddling pool filled with a soapy mixture to create giant bubbles.

    Maybe organise a series of competitions with fun games like limbo, hula hoops, juggling, three legged race, apple bobbing etc. Think traditional old fashioned fun and have plenty of prizes on standby. You could even hire a company to provide a bouncy castle or set up a petanque game. Another nice idea is to create a treasure hunt around the street with lots of clues.

    Then there is music to consider.  Do you get a DJ or just use a spotify playlist? Is anyone in a band in the street or does anyone know anyone in a band locally? What about speakers so that everyone can hear the music. Check if you need a licence. 

     Royal Coronation Union Jack Cake I Royal Coronation Party Ideas I My Dream Party Shop UK


    For your Coronation Party food you need to think about a combination of posh and traditional food so that you have something to cater for tastes of all ages. Afternoon tea style finger sandwiches on raised platters look impressive and give you the chance to have a range of different fillings. Fillings like cucumber and cream cheese, egg mayonnaise, coronation chicken and smoked salmon are the perfect mixture. Other favourites are savoury treats like quiches, sausage rolls and scotch eggs.

    Royal Coronation Party Grazing Board I Royal Coronation Party Blog I My Dream Party Shop UK

    Another on trend idea is a grazing board. Take a large platter or wooden board and arrange your items grouped together in an attractive pattern. Use crudites and charcuterie, alongside cheeses and dips.

    For dessert go for jelly and ice cream, trifle and victoria sponge. Also have lots of other cakes like scones and cream, chocolate eclairs and cup cakes.

    Jugs of pimms make the perfect drink but make sure that you have lots of non- alcoholic punch options for the non-drinkers.  These can all be made up in advance. 

    Royal Coronation Street Party Table Decoration Ideas I My Dream Party Shop Blog Posts


    It's all about the red, white and blue. Go for maximum colour to create impact on the tables. Either use union jack themed tablecovers or go for a mixture of red, white and blue table covers. For the children you can pre-prepare union jack party boxes to make them easier to hand out and can control any dietary issues this way by adding stickers with the children's names on them.

    Royal Coronation Red Bus Cake Stand I Royal Coronation Party Ideas Blog I My Dream Party Shop

    Create more impact by using some height in the middle of the tables. You can achieve this using cake platters to serve cakes or sandwiches. Take a look at our stunning Red Double Decker Bus Treat Stand this really is a showstopper!

    Another way of achieving height is to use blocks of wood or boxes and covering them in union jack patterned paper or plain paper in gold, red, blue or white.  Then use artificial or real flowers in jam jars, covered tins or teapots to create focal points.   


    The most effective way of decorating is to hang bunting across the street from house to house. Large flags can also be hung on the front of each house. If the party is going on into the evening then hang lots of fairy lights or festoon lights.

    Helium balloons look great tied to the back of each chair. For air filled balloons you can tie them in bunches from the corners of marquees or tie them hanging upside down from the neck onto a long piece of curling ribbon like balloon bunting. 

    As everyone will want to create memories of the day so it is always worth making the effort to create an impressive backdrop area for photographs. Your backdrop starting point can simply be a blank wall or a hedge. Hang some string across it at just above head height and then drape our red, white and blue crepe streamers over it in red, white and blue to create the backdrop. Use a bit of cellotape to hold each streamer in place at the top to prevent them slipping off and then add a home made sign for the Royal Coronation. This could simply be made out of gold card.  Alternatively use one our "Party Like Royalty Garlands".  You can then hang a balloon garland over the top of the string area or use bunches of balloons tied together. 

    Red, White and Blue Crepe Streamer Decoration I King's Coronation Decorations I My Dream Party Shop UK

    You can check out all our Royal Coronation Decorations, Balloons and Tableware in our Cool Britannia Range. Get 10% off the entire collection until Friday 28 April 2023. Spend a minimum of £25.00 excluding postage) and use the code CORONATION10 at check out.

    We hope that our blog has given you some ideas on how you can hold the best Street or Garden party ever and would love to hear your feedback.

    2 Responses


    January 31, 2024

    Heya. We had one today. It took place outdoors. We had red, white and blue cupcakes on a tray. We prepared mock tails in order to drink. In addition to liven things up we hired a big marquee and played music. We also did a short interview live on the radio too. Everyone was outside. Thank you for the nice weather Holy Spirit.

    We even had bingo and made mini hotdogs to top off things. There were lots of people at the event today. And there were a few prizes for the winners of bingo. It was fun. I loved it all seriously. I hired a ice cream van to provide ice cream for the guests during the event.

    Someone blew up red white and blue Mylar balloons. We handed out red white and blue party hats. People walked around. At one point during the party there was a line for the food. In the early afternoon after lunch the games took place. In hindsight however we should have held a raffle and had a lot more people come.

    We purchased lots of cans of coke and placed them on the tables prior to the event. This was to be sure people had cool drinks at all times. This was a good move on our part. Seriously. Two people cleaned all the tables that morning. Three more folk put up the decorations and oversaw the food preparation area.

    Catherine Campbell
    Catherine Campbell

    January 31, 2024

    Hi I live in Australia. Very pathetic the party supplies here in Australia. . Cannot find any items for our Coronation Party . Have ordered from U K ages ago but has not arrived as yet, so was trying to find local party supplier. I live in Tasmania . I was born in London . Anyway not to worry I have red white and blue streamers and serviettes . Party will be in Melbourne at my nieces’ s house . Have a good holiday weekend and street party. Regards Catherine

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