Modern Helium Balloon Inflation in Ruislip

My Dream Party Shop is delighted to offer helium inflation in Ruislip and surrounding areas for delivery or collection.  Please note that balloons shown on our website show prices for balloons only and don't include helium inflation.

Also note that we only provide helium inflation for balloons purchased from us as we may not have replacement balloons in case of any breakages and because we will be unsure of the quality of the balloon and unable to guarantee float times.

We also offer balloon garland, personalised Bubble and Orbz Balloons and balloon hoop installation. See our other dedicated pages for more information.

Although we can offer inflation on the day, ideally we need a few days notice in order to ensure that we have your desired balloons in stock so please do contact with us with plenty of notice if you can. We require pre-payment for all helium inflation by bank transfer to prevent non-collection. Note that we are unable to take card payments over the telephone as all payments are automated on our website and we therefore don't have a card machine.

Please contact us with a clear outline of what you are looking for in terms of balloon type, colour/s, sizes, any enhancements or personalisation, whether the balloons are floor standing or table top, date of event, date of collection. We will also require your full name, address, mobile number and email address for invoice purposes. If you let us know the occasion and age/sex of recipients we are happy to provide you with ideas and recommendations.


We specialise in personalised 20 and 24 inch bubble balloons which are bespoke to your requirements. We can also personalise giant orbz balloons which come in a range of stunning colours. See our dedicated Bubble Balloon page for further information. Prices start from £25.00.


We offer helium inflation of 34 inch number balloons in gold, rose gold, silver, black, pastel blue or pastel pink. Other colours may be available upon request and with plenty of notice. The price is £12.99 per number including helium, ribbon and weight. 


Latex balloon bunches look best in odd numbers ie. 3, 5, 7 etc. Note that latex is a porous material and therefore it has a much shorter helium float time than foil balloons which can last for weeks.Helium starts seeping from a latex balloon from the moment it is filled and therefore the average float time for helium depending on temperature is around 10 - 12 hours. For £0.25 per balloon we can add hi-float to most latex balloons (not confetti balloons or clear balloons). Hi-float can increase the life of a latex balloon to around 2 -3 days or more. 

Confetti balloons are super pretty but please bear in mind that the confetti reduces the float time of latex balloons to around 6 hours.

We strongly recommend collecting helium balloons on the day of your event to get the maximum float time possible. We will need to know if your bunches need to be floor standing or table top height.

See our latex balloon collection for an idea about colours that we generally have in stock. If you don't see what you are looking for then please do let us know. Helium inflation is £1.99 per 11 inch balloon. Balloon weights £1.99. Balloons with Hi-float added are £2.25. 


As with latex balloons, foil balloon bunches look best grouped in odd numbers ie. 3, 5, 7 etc. Foils have a much better float time and will generally last around 3 - 5 days (18 inch balloons) or 2 - 3 weeks for 34 inch balloons, depending on temperature conditions and the size and shape of the balloon.

We can make a stunning range of clusters mixing shapes and colours to make something bright and colourful or can create a collection with similar more muted tones. See our online foil balloon collection for a better idea about colours and shapes that we generally have in stock.  We also have a stunning collection of fun foil shapes. (note that the prices shown in these collections are for the balloon only).

Most of our 18 inch foil shapes like stars and hearts are £4.99 each. If you have a cluster of stars and hearts together you would also require a balloon weight at £1.99. If you add the shape to a number balloon then you would only be charged £4.99 for the balloon (as the number balloon comes with a weight).

For our fun foil shapes they generally cost around £9.99 to £14.99 inflated with helium (including the cost of the balloon and the balloon weight).

If you don't see what you are looking for then please do let us know and we may be able to get this in stock for you given enough notice (ideally 5 days).

Any further questions regarding helium inflation please do contact us. We are happy to make suggestions and send you ideas for your budget if you are not sure what you are looking for.

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