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Balloon Garland and Arch Installation

My Dream Party Shop is delighted to offer bespoke Balloon Garland Installations, Organic Balloon Walls or Organic Balloon arches for your party, wedding or special occasion. You can see examples of our recent work in the gallery at the bottom of this page.

We also can provide Balloon Hoop Decorations  or Helium Balloon Inflation and we have lots of Air-Filled balloon designs available for collection or delivery.

We are based in Ruislip, but also offer our services in Northwood, Pinner, Eastcote, Ickenham, Uxbridge and most of lower Buckinghamshire (i.e High Wycombe, Marlow, Gerrards Cross, Denham, Amersham, Chesham and Great Missenden). Please do check with us if you are not sure if we cover your area.


We have tried to provide as much detail as possible on this page to help give you an idea of prices but there is a lot of information. If you would like us to give you a bespoke quote please complete our enquiry form which will give us all of the information that we require.  


If you wish to keep down costs we offer DIY balloon garlands kits for you to make yourself or you can order 2 sizes of garland for collection. 

To order a balloon garland kit click on this page. Kits come in 1.5, 2.5 or 5 metre sizes with prices from £18.99.  You can also order flowers or leaves to accessorize your balloon garland on this page.  The contrast of flowers and leaves against the balloons really makes a garland stand out.

The ready made garlands come in 1.5 or 2 metre sizes starting from £65.00. These can be ordered on this page and then select the collection option on the check out page. They will fit in a family sized car where you can remove the parcel shelf. They can also be used vertically as a half arch.  See images on the page.


Garlands are hung horizontally on the wall and will require command hooks to be used. For garland installation see prices below.  Please note that extra delivery costs may be added if you are not in Ruislip to allow for the additional petrol and time to deliver and return.  

Garland Prices Including Installation

1.5 Metre - £85.00

2 Metre - £105.00

3 Metre - £125.00


We have four frame options;


2 Metre Arch on an Easel - £125.00 or £135.00* including vinyl and the hire of the acrylic circle - good for small spaces or for welcome signs.

Small Frame

3 Metre Arch on a Small 1.8 Metre Frame - £145.00* (See pastel pink, lilac and silver image with our LED Happy birthday sign) * - good for small spaces or occasions where you may be inside or outside and require something that can be easily moved.

Moongate Hoop

2.5 Arch on a Round Moongate Frame Measuring 2 H x 2.20 W Metres - £155.00* (see red, white and gold photo below) 

3 metre Arch on a Round Moongate Frame - £160.00* (as per the eucalpytus green, white and gold arch shown below with our LED Happy Birthday sign).  

4 metre Arch on a Round Moongate Frame - £180.00* (most of a round frame)

5 metre Arch on a Round Moongate Frame - £200.00* (Full circle)

5 metre Arch on a Round Moongate Frame Thicker version with a much smaller hole in the centre - £300.00 (Full circle)

*The cost is for installation only.  The frame will need to be returned to us within an agreed time frame. If we need to return to dismantle it an additional £19.99 charge is applied to cover our time. Other areas may incur slightly higher prices due to longer travel times. A damaged deposit of £80.00 will also be charged and refunded on return of the frame. 

* Extras such as flowers or leaves have a separate hire charge.

* Hire of our LED Happy Birthday sign is £35.00 plus a £100.00 security deposit which is refunded once the sign has been returned to us.


We have a trio of freestanding sailboards which make a stunning backdrop.  These can be painted in other colours to match your bespoke design for an additional fee or come in white as standard. There are lots of different ways that these can be used. The price will depend on how large the arrangement is and how many sailboards are used and how much labour time is involved, but the garland will be similar in price to the moongate charges above plus a £50.00 hire charge for the sailboards. A minimum of 1.5 hours for set up is required (ideally 2 hours).  See the floral pastel sailboard picture with 2 sailboards this is £250.00 to give you an idea of pricing.


Organic Balloon Arches are free standing half arches where no frame is used and the balloons are attached to the wall with command hooks or tied to existing attachment points like nails or curtain rails etc. Organic arches are made from 4 different sized balloons and the overall effect is unstructured and random. Note that command hooks will need to be used to attach the balloons to the wall if other attachment points are not available which could damage your walls/paintwork slightly when they are removed. These arches require a longer time frame for set up on site as the arch is usually built in situ and extra balloons may need to be inflated on site.

Prices start from:

3.5 metres - £160.00*

4 metres - £180.00*

5 metres - £200.00*

Costs include 2 - 4 hour pre-assembly time, delivery in Ruislip and 1 - 2 hours installation time at the venue. Other areas may incur slightly higher prices due to longer delivery times.  


Organic Balloon Walls provide picture perfect backdrops.  They are brilliant for milestone birthday's, engagements and weddings and large corporate events.  They use different size balloons and are not traditional solid squares with straight lines, but more wavy at the edges.  They use a huge amount of balloons and take a long time to prepare and assemble.

Prices start from:

2 x 2 metres - £550.00*

Balloon walls require a minimum of 4 hours installation time. Costs include 5 hours preparation time, 5 delivery trips in Ruislip and 4 hours installation time at the venue, plus 1 hour dismantling time.

* Other areas will incur slightly higher prices due to longer delivery times. A £250.00 security deposit will be required for the frame. Hire of flowers, leaves and LED signs will be charged addtionally.


We are proud to be members of BAPIA - the Balloon and Party Industry Alliance and adhere to their best practices including promoting safe and responsible disposal of balloons to protect the environment and as a result we do not support balloon releases. We have full public liability insurance to protect our customers.

We only use high quality latex biodegradable balloons made from natural rubber from Sempertex and Qualatex.


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