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Balloons and the Environment

Biodegrabable Balloons

As a member of BAPIA (the Balloon and Party Industry Alliance) we only use quality balloons by Qualatex and Sempertex. Both of these companies only use natual latex and do not add any additional harmful chemicals to their balloons to make them more flexible. These chemicals are found in cheaper varieties of balloons from China on sites like Ebay and Amazon, so we strongly recommend avoiding these types of balloons.  

Both companies use latex balloons made with the natural sap from a rubber tree (not plastic) and are biodegradable. Latex balloons decompose at about the same rate as an oak leaf, but it is important to understand that this can be many years in landfill. We encourage users to depose of all balloons in a responsible manner so that they do not cause litter.

Qualatex latex balloons are made from rubber trees located in plantations that are Rainforest Alliance Certified™. You can read more about qualatex balloons here and about Sempertex balloons here.

Thousands of trees are planted each year for latex production helping to contribute to the reduction of global warming.

Balloon Releases

As a member of BAPIA we do not support balloon releases as they are particular bad for the environment causing litter and endangering animals.  There are lots of alternatives to balloon releases and we have listed some ideas below.


Bubbles are something that everyone young and old can get involved with and they are super cheap  They float away into the sky in the same way as balloons. You can also get different sized bubble kits so that giant bubbles can be released as well as smaller ones.  They are perfect for weddings or memorials.  Make sure that you use soaps that are not harmful to fish or animals and ensure that all plastic wands and bottles are disposed of responsibly.

Planting a Tree or Flowers

Planting a tree or a rose bush is a lovely and truly environmentally friendly way to remember someone.  It also gives you the perfect place in your garden to go and remember your loved one.  You can also dedicate a tree via the Woodland Trust who will plant a tree on your behalf. You can select sites near to you or places that hold special memories. Dedications start from £20.00.

Organise a Memorial Walk 

Gather all your family and friends together and go on a walk in your loved ones favourite spot. Maybe get everyone to wear the same colour and possible use it as an occasion to raise money for charity.

Candlelit Vigil - Alternative to Balloon Releases

Hold a Candlelit Gathering

Use jam jars filled with tea lights and fairy lights to create a magical candlelit gathering. Maybe create a firepit for you all to gather around. Hold a memorial evening where you can all share stories and listen to songs by your loved ones favourite artists.

Fly a Kite

For centuries the dead have been remembered in Guatamala by flying a kite.  You can add messages to the tail of the kit but ensure that they are secured tightly.

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Float Flowers

Go to favourite water spot like a beach or a river and remember your loved one by floating flowers on the water and letting them go.  Watch the flowers float away for a memorably goodbye.  The best flowers to use are ones with a wide flat base like gerberas, orchids and camellias. 

Wild Seed Bombs

This is a lovely idea for a wedding or a funeral. These are a great way to get everyone involved and once the flowers have grown they will bring pleasure for many years to come.  They are super cheap to make and you can get lots of your family and friends involved in making them.  Find more details on this page.

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Butterfly Release

This is a stunning idea for a wedding or a funeral and helps the environment as butterflies are in decline. You can organise a release via companies like Butterfly Connections.