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  • Balloon Arch and Garland Kits I My Dream Party Shop UK
  • We have tried to answer as many frequently asked questions as possible.  If your question is not answered here please drop us an email. 




    We are an online website so we don't have a store that you can visit. You can order via the website for a collection. Select the collection option on the check out page followed by the date and time of collection. Same day collections are usually possible but as we aren't a traditional shop we may not always be on site.

    Our opening hours are 09.00 - 18.00 Monday to Saturday, but as we are not a traditional shop we are online most days from early in the morning until early evening. On Sunday’s we are open for limited collection slots for orders that are placed before 5.00pm on Saturday between 11.00 - 12.00pm or 4.00 - 5.00pm.

    We are an online website and don't have a traditional shop that you can visit. We are based in Ruislip, Greater London, UK. Our address is 413 Victoria Road, Ruislip, HA4 0EF. We do offer click and collect for products and helium balloons ordered via the website (see next question). We are unable to process orders on the spot so please contact us to arrange a collection or order via the website.

    We don't have a shop but we do offer a click and collect service. Simply select the collection option on the check out page and then select your required date and time of collection. You will receive a notification once your order is ready for collection. We are normally able to have your party supply order ready within an hour but please contact us in advance of placing your order to check if this is required. Collections are possible up to 19.00 most of the week. Balloon inflation orders will take between 1 - 2 hours depending on the size of the order so please check with us first if you need balloons at short notice.

    Our local balloon delivery charges range between £6.99 and £24.99. The cost includes time loading and unloading balloons at either end, the time it takes to drive to your location and back to our premises and time unpacking the balloons and arranging them and petrol.

    My Dream Party Shop was set up by Suzanne Evans a former Events Manager with over 20 years experience in corporate and private events. Suzanne has organised many VIP parties with celebrities and senior politicians in attendance. She also organised over 200 weddings for high net worth individuals at a 5 star hotels.

    We are proud to be members of BAPIA - the Balloon and Party Industry Alliance and adhere to their best practices including promoting safe and responsible disposal of balloons to protect the environment and as a result we do not support balloon releases. We have full public liability insurance to protect our customers. We only use high quality latex biodegradable balloons made from natural rubber from Sempertex and Qualatex. When selecting a balloon decorator please ensure that you use companies that are fully insured and a member of a balloon trade association. There are lots of decorators whose prices may seem very attractive but please beware as they  may be cutting corners by using cheap unsafe balloons from China and substandard helium (such as disposable canisters 60:40 helium to air) meaning that your balloon displays may not last and may put your family in danger.


    As we are a small company we do not keep huge stock levels on all items, but we can usually get an item back in stock within a few weeks.  Please do get in contact and we can advise you as to when we can get the item back in stock.

    If you've spotted a mistake, please contact us as soon as possible and if your order has not yet been dispatched, we may be able to make changes. If your order has been dispatched, please return any items using our normal returns process.

    Unfortunately we do not accept payments by cheque. We are also unable to accept cash upon collection as all orders need to be paid for before we start work on your balloon orders as we have had non collections in the past which leaves us out of pocket. We will accept cash if you come and drop it off in advance of us starting your order. We will provide you with a receipt and a booking number.

    We accept all major credit cards and paypal, Apple Pay etc.


    Our postal standard delivery charges in the UK are £3.99 which is a 3 – 5 days service. Express delivery is £4.99 and is a 1 – 3 days service. We offer free delivery for orders over £40.00 after any discounts have been taken off.  For balloon delivery prices see the balloons section further down the page. For full information on our delivery charges see our Delivery Page

    Please see full details on returns and refunds on our Delivery Page

    We no longer offer next day delivery as standard on the website but please contact us to check and we can confirm if this is possible. The order will need to be placed before 11.00am in the first instance. It will then depend if we have capacity to dispatch the item that quickly. Generally items are dispatched the following day unless the order is placed early in the morning. See our delivery page here for more information.

    Yes you should be able to depending on the time that you are ordering. Contact us via the online chat bot or by email to check.


    Our local delivery charges range between £6.99 and £24.99. The cost includes time loading and unloading balloons at either end, the time it takes to drive to your location and back to our premises and time unpacking the balloons and arranging them and petrol. For our larger balloon installations at houses or venues, the price usually includes delivery.

    Yes we offer helium inflation of balloons sold on our website. See our helium balloon collections on the main menu. If you don't see the balloons that you want inflated or need something not shown then do get in touch as we may be able to order it in for you if we have enough notice.

    Unfortunately we are unable to inflate balloons purchased by customers elsewhere under the terms of our insurance policy and because it causes liability issues if the balloons are faulty. 

    We also offer balloon garlands, personalised bubble balloons, balloon walls and balloon hoop decoration service.  See our balloon installation page for further information. 

    Yes local collection is possible between 10.00 and 19.00. Helium and air-filled balloons can be ordered via the helium collections and then select the collection option at check out followed by the required date and time of collection. Same day collection may be possible subject to availability. Contact us by telephone, email or via the chatbot to discuss. Foil balloons are much quicker to inflate compared to latex balloons which require a minimum of 45 minutes to dry once we have added hi-float to them which increases their float time.


    Check the description of the item which will tell you whether it can be used with helium. If not please do contact us.

    Helium should only be used by adults in a well ventilated area. To prevent any waste and leakage while filling, please ensure that you have a good seal between the nozzle and the balloon neck. 

    Fully open the canister valve all the way, turning it clockwise until it stops. Slide the balloon onto the nozzle. Push down on the tilt nozzle to release the helium. Inflate the balloon to the required size using a tape measure or guide on the side of the box (if there is one) to ensure consistency. Remove the balloon from the nozzle pinching tight on the neck of the balloon. Release the nozzle and tie the balloon into a knot. 

    Once you have finished using the helium turn the canister valve anti-clockwise back to the closed position. 

    When not in use store the helium canister in a cool, dry safe location. 

    A standard canister holds approximately 8.8ft³/.25m³ of helium. Float time of a latex balloon: 5-7 hours. A standard canister inflates approximately: 

    30 x 9” latex balloons or 

    16 x 11” latex balloons or 

    12 x 12” latex balloons or 

    14 x 18” foil balloons or 

    1 x 30” latex balloon 

    We recommend inflating latex balloons to 11 inches as 9 inch balloons will only float for a short time. Cut yourself a template from a sheet of strong card by drawing around a plate or similar. Insert each balloon into the template until it reaches the middle of the balloon and this will help you keep each balloon the same size.  

    A large helium canister contains approximately 14.9ft³/.42m³ of helium. The average float time of a latex balloon is 5-7 hours. The large canister will inflate approximately: 45 - 50 x 9" latex balloons or 

    24 - 28 x 11" latex balloons or 

    21 x 12'' latex balloons or 

    18 x 20 18" foil balloons or 

    1 - 2 x  30" latex giant balloons 

    We recommend getting a large canister for a giant 36 inch balloon as you may lose some helium while inflating the balloon as the neck is quite large. Note that you will need to inflate the balloon in position as if fully inflated it will be too large to go into cars or through doorways. 

    As an alternative to helium, hang the balloon from the ceiling using clear fishing line or similar. 

    We recommend that you do not fill latex balloons until the day of your event as they tend to have a shorted float time than foils. We recommend adding a product called "Ultra Hi-float" to your balloons which can increase the float time by up to 20 times. This will allow you to inflate the balloons much further in advance.

    The answer is super easy. We provide detailed instructions and tips to help create something truly stunning. You just need to allow enough time for assembly. As the balloons are super strong, they are very difficult to inflate by just blowing, so you will need a hand pump or ideally an electric pump. Then you simply mix up the balloons to ensure that the different colours and sizes are spread out.

    We use high quality professional decorator qualatex balloons in our balloon garland kits. They can last for up to around 5 months once inflated depending on the temperature in which they are kept. Heat and cold can cause the balloons to expand and contract. We recommend that you inflate the balloons as late as possible before your event.  Ideally on the day, but the day before should be fine. Generally we would expect the garland to look good for at least 2 weeks with some smaller balloons inflating over that time frame.

    It really depends on the length of your balloon garland. Our balloons come in two sizes. For the 2.5 metre we include 42 tiny 5 inch balloons and 25 large 11 inch balloons. For our 5 metre balloon kits, we include 84 tiny 5 inch balloons and 50 large 11 inch balloons.  his should be more than enough to create the garland and then add extra on with glue dots at the end to cover any gaps or enhance any areas.

    We often get asked this question as people are worried that they don't have the creative flair to make the kit look good in real life. The reality is that you just need to be to mix up the colours evenly as you assemble the garland. Then you hang the garland in your desired location. Once it is suspended you can then tweak it, moving balloons backwards or forwards to fill gaps and prevent too many of the same colour balloons being next to each other. If you find that you have a couple next to each other then you can simply take them out and move then around until you are happy. At the end you simply use the remaining balloons to cover over any gaps. We provide some balloon glue dots to help with attaching the balloons at this stage. The most creative bit is choosing your colours! 

    Yes we offer balloon arch and garland installation in the local area. Please view our balloon garland installation page for further details.