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  • How to Create the Coolest Ice Cream Cone Pinata Ever!


    How to Create a Cool Ice Cream Cone Pinata I Ice Cream Party I My Dream Party Shop I UK

    I recently held an Ice Cream Dreams Party for my daughter Isabella's 10th birthday.  One of the highlights at the party was my Ice Cream Cone Pinata. It is actually incredibly easy to make, just takes a bit of time and a bit of creativity. It is perfect for an Ice Cream Party, Circus Party or any Summer Time Party. So follow my tutorial to find out how I made it.

    You will need the following:

    • 1 large size balloon x 16 inches
    • A bowl to rest the balloon in while creating the pinata
    • Strips of newspaper and white paper
    • 3 cups of plain flour and 3 cups of water for the papier-mâché 
    • Tissue paper in the colour/s of your choice
    • A large piece of thick card A3 or larger
    • Brown paper
    • Strong PVA glue
    • Cellotape
    • Duck tape
    • Ribbon for hanging
    • Sissors
    • Sweets for the pinata

    1. Start creating your pinata at least a week before your party as you will need to allow the papier-mâché time to dry between coats. Blow up your balloon and rest it in a bowl to keep it stable.

    Ice Cream Cone Pinata I Ice Cream Themed Party Blog I My Dream Party Shop UK


    2. Mix the flour and the water in a bowl until you have a thick paste.

    3. Cut up strips of newspaper.  Take a strip and dip it into the papier-mâché so that the underside of the strip is coated.  Remove excess with your finger and add it to balloon,smoothing it down. Try to keep each strip as flat and as smooth as possible so that you can create a nice smooth surface for the base of the pinata.

    4. Repeat this process until you have covered most of the balloon down to the bowl.  Leave to set over night and then turn over and repeat down to where the balloon is tied leaving a small area without any papier-mâché on it so that you can cut the balloon and add the sweets later on

    5. Repeat fully over the whole balloon until you have covered the balloon twice.  Remember to leave it to dry full between layers or it won't set properly.  

    Ice Cream Cone Pinata Blog I Ice Cream Party I My Dream Party Shop I UK 6. Repeat the process for a third time using white strips this time. This creates a solid a white top coat and fully covers the newspaper print. 

    Ice Cream Pinata Tutorial I Ice Cream Party Theme I My Dream Party Shop I UK

    7. You should now have a very hard outer shell. Go to the bottom of the balloon shell and using scissors pop the balloon and remove the debris from the pinata.  Add the sweets into the pinata via the hole at the base.  Cover the hole with some strong tape and then cover with some papier-mâché.

    8.  Put the pinata back in the bowl, turn the pinata back around so that the more rounded end is exposed.  Cut two holes in the middle of the top of the pinata, one slightly larger than the other. You need to take your ribbon and be able to feed it from one hole to the other and then tie it to secure it.  Basically cut the larger hole until it is large enough to allow you to fit your fingers inside to feed the ribbon through.  Use some more tape and papier-mâché to cover the hole and leave to dry. 

    Ice Cream Cone Pinata Blog I Ice Cream Party I My Dream Party Shop I UK

    9. Take your chosen tissue paper base colour and cut it into strips/rectangles. Use some pva glue to  attach the tissue strips to the pinata.  Cover the whole of the pinata so that you have a solid base colour.

    10. Next take a sheet of tissue paper and fold it over several times horizontally to create a long strip about 4 inches wide.  Cut along the folds until you end up with 4 or 5 long strips. Take each strip and fold them several times horizontally so that you end up with a folded piece of tissue paper around 7 x 4 inches, this will speed up the cutting process.  Then using scissors make cuts about halfway across the tissue paper to create the frills.  Once you unfold the strip you should have cuts all the way across it.

    11. Take your piece of card and roll it into a cone shape and secure with cellotape. Then cover the piece of card with brown paper.  Use glue to stick it to the card so that the finish is as smooth as possible.  

    12. Turn the pinata upside down so that the narrowest end is face up in the air. Using pva glue attach the cone to the pinata.  Secure it with strong duck tape, which will be covered once you start adding the tissue frills.

    13.  Using pva glue start to attach the tissue paper strips to the pinata, starting at the bottom closest to the cone and moving your way up to the top.  Remember as you are upside down the frills need to be on top (closest to the cone) and plain strip end should be closest to the bowl.

    Ice Cream Cone Pinata Blog I Ice Cream Party I My Dream Party Shop I UK

    Note ignore my photo here as I realised after I took this that I needed to start at the bottom!  While you are adding the tissue paper at this stage the tassels/frills will hang outwards like an umbrella and it is much easier to work with and create the layers.  What this photo does show you is how I have had to overlap the layer on top of itself as I have attached the tissue strip around the pinata.  If you don't overlap a bit you will end up going wonky.

    12. Keep adding layers until you reach the top of the pinata (the bit currently in the bowl...).

    13. Hang up the pinata and you are ready for the mad fun to begin!

    How to make an Ice Cream Cone Pinata Blog I My Dream Party Shop I UK

    How to Create a Cute Ice Cream Cone Pinata Blog I My Dream Party Shop I UK

    How to Create a Cool Ice Cream Cone Pinata I Ice Cream Party I My Dream Party Shop I UK

    If you make our pinata we would love to see your photos!  If you are looking for Ice Cream Party decorations and balloons check out our full Ice Cream Party collection here.

    Ice Cream Cone Pinata Blog I Ice Cream Party I My Dream Party Shop I UK



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