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How to Create Fun Christmas Reindeer Balloons

Spend some quality time with your children this Christmas and make these fun Christmas Reindeer Balloons.  They are super easy to make, but will be great fun to play with and look really cute.

What you will need:

  • 11 inch balloons - colours of your choice
  • Glittery card in a range of colours - or plain matt card if you prefer
  • A low temperature glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Our reindeer antlers, nose and eyes template - download here.
  • Cardboard for the template
  • A pencil
  • An electric or hand balloon pump
  • Balloon sticks for displaying - you can purchase these here.

1) Assemble all the items in the list above.  Take your balloons.

Reindeer Balloon Blog

2. Blow up your balloons using an electric or hand pump.  You can buy one on our site here.

Balloons for Reindeer Balloon Blog

3. Download the Reindeer antlers template.  Cut all the sections out and draw around the paper templates onto card to create card templates.  Cut out the individual card templates for the nose, eyes and antlers.

Reindeer Balloon Template

4. Next you will need a selection of colour card or glitter card whichever you would prefer.

Glitter Card for Reindeer Antlers

5. Place your card templates on a sheet of your coloured or glitter card and cut out each separate part.  You will need two reindeer antlers facing in different directions.  Don't make the same mistake as me and cut out two facing the same way!  You can use the paper eyes from the template or thin black card, whichever you prefer.

Reindeer Antlers Festive Blog

6. Here you can see the final antlers, nose and eyes.  I would suggest mixing and matching the colours of the antlers and nose with the balloon colours.

Glue Gun for Reindeer Balloon

7. Next prepare your glue gun.  Plug it in and let it heat up and then insert your glue stick.  Put glue on the bottom inch of each antler and stick on to the back of one of the balloons.

Antlers stuck on back of Balloon

 8. Finally using the glue gun stick on the nose and using pritt stick glue on the eyes in your preferred location.  Voila one fun festive reindeer!

Fun Festive Reindeer Balloon

9. Use a balloon stick to display the balloons.  Voila one fun festive reindeer!

Reindeer Balloon Purple

Three Reindeer Balloons



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