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Spiderman Airwalker Balloon

Spiderman Airwalker Balloon (Un-inflated) - This amazing giant Spider-Man 3D balloon is shaped just like the superhero himself. If filled with helium it will mysteriously glide across the floor. AirWalkers are large weighted balloons that float at floor level. They have specially weighted parts which enable the balloon to float, hover or walk on air. The balloon will be a brilliant talking point at any party!  The good news is that you can also fill the balloon with air if you want it to remain static and save on helium costs. 

This impressive sized balloon is sure to delight any superman or superhero fan. It is perfect to go with the rest of our Superhero Party Range.  

  • Measures 91cm (36") wide x 91cm (36") high.
  • 1 balloon supplied packaged and un-inflated.
  • For use with helium if you want it to hover just above the ground (not supplied) or air if you wish the balloon to remain still.

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