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Red and White Striped Baking Cups

Red and White Striped Baking Cups - These baking cups are for cupcakes, but can also be used as little pots for holding crudites, sweets or one small scoop of ice cream at a children's party or wedding.  Perfect for so many occasions.  Check out the other colours and patterns in our range and mix and match them.  

  • Set of 25 cupcake wrappers
  • Bottom Diameter: Approx. 5.2cm / 2.05"
  • Height: 4.8cm / 1.89"
  • Cupcakes can be cooked directly in the wrappers
  • Made from greaseproof paper and are high temperature resistant
  • Please note size as the cups are slightly smaller than standard size cupcakes, but this just makes them even cuter and perfect for little hands!

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