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Mini Wooden Pegs

Mini Wooden Pegs - Create pretty garlands to complement your party theme.  Hang our Ice Cream Honeycomb decorations, tiny or 11 inch balloons, ribbons, crepe streamers pom pomsrosette fans or palm leaves. Use it with our green or brown twine to create your own unique length of bunting.  

Alternatively clip polaroid photographs and create a cute photo gallery. Wrap ivy or some of our Decorative Artificial Vines around twine and then clip your decorations or photographs on to create a stunning rustic look.  Perfect for every occasion from a 1st Birthday Party, or Baby Shower, to a Wedding, Anniversary or Hen Party.  

  • Set of 60 mini pegs
  • The pegs measure 1 inch or 2.5cm
  • Twine sold separately

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