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Handhold Jungle Animal Balloons Set of 6

Handhold Jungle Animal Balloons Set of 6 - Perfect foil balloons for a Happy Jungle or First Birthday Party.  The set includes a lion, monkey, zebra, tiger, cow and giraffe.  They are perfect for little ones as they can hold them in their hands. Use them as a party favour and hand them out at the end of the party.

We also sell a similar set of Jungle Animal Foil Balloons which can be used with our balloon sticks.

  • Set of 6 jungle animal foil balloons
  • Each balloon measures 16 inches
  • For inflation with air only not helium
  • To inflate simply insert a straw and blow for several seconds and then seal the valve
  • To deflate insert a straw again and then push the air out of the balloon

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