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Black and Orange Tassel Garland

Black and Orange Tassel Garland - Create a pretty Halloween tassel garland decoration using our black and orange tassels. The perfect centrepiece for any Halloween party.  Hang it along the front of a buffet table or on the wall above.  Mix it with the rest of our orange black Halloween decorations and balloons. Also perfect for our Wild One or Jungle Party collections.

  • Set of 20 Tassels in black and orange and black curling ribbon
  • Each tassel measures approximately 35 cm
  • To assemble simply carefully separate the tissue paper sheets.  Take a single sheet and roll it up so that the cut sections are running horizontally to either side as you roll.  Then begin twisting the uncut centre section tightly like a cigar.  Fold the twisted section over and twist it around to form a loop.  Twist again to secure the loop.  Hang the loop onto the ribbon. You can also add a small bit of ribbon to secure the loop ito itself if you would like before hanging it.

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