Bespoke Balloon Garland Kit

Our Bespoke Balloon Garland Kit gives you the option to make your own creation.  Maybe you want to match your brand colours or the theme of your hen party.  Maybe your son or daughter love a particular colour palette or has a special birthday theme. We can help you create your dream garland.  Send us pictures, see our balloon garland pinterest board or ask us for ideas, we are here to help you!.

Our gorgeous Balloon Garland Kits are one of the hottest  internet trends. They are simply the accessory for any special occasion.  You can use them in a variety of ways - enhance your entrance so that guests know that they are in the right place; use them as a glorious photo backdrop; hang them above or in front of the buffet table, use in an arch or draping to the side.  They are perfect for businesses also; use them as decoration at your launch party; in a shop window; to enhance a shop display or for a staff, family or corporate event.

Each kit will include a mixture of 11 inch and 5 inch balloons.  Simply inflate the different size balloons using a balloon hand pump or electric balloon pump and attach them to the balloon garland strip provided.  Assembly takes about 45 minutes (after all balloons are inflated). 

You can accessorise your garland with a range of tassels, honeycomb balls, flowers, leaves, door curtains, foil stars and phrase balloons.  See our full range of accessory ideas here.  

If you have any questions about our balloon garland kits, please see our frequently asked questions page or send us an email.

If you live locally to Ruislip you can order a pre-assembled garland in your own bespoke colours on this page.

  • The kit comes un-inflated
  • Full instruction sheet included
  • Each kit comes in two sizes - 2.5 or 5 metres
  • 2.5 metres kit includes 25 x 11 inch balloons and 42 x 5 inch balloons, plus the balloon garland strip for assembly
  • 5 metre kit includes 50 x 11 inch balloons and 84 x 5 inch balloons, plus the balloon garland strip for assembly
  • Hand pump strongly recommended as these thick balloons are difficult to inflate by blowing
  • A few extra balloons are included in case any balloons burst while assembling.
  • See all the colour options for 5 or 11 inch latex balloons in our latex balloon collection hereIf the colour you want is not showing, please contact us as we should be able to order it in for you within a few days.

1. To order we suggest that you contact us in the first instance to discuss your colour requirements and so that we can double check stock levels. Chrome balloons for example cost slightly more, so there may be an additional surcharge if you wish to include any chrome balloons in your kit. The price will vary depending on how many you wish to include.

2. Once the colours and price have been agreed simply select and purchase either a 2.5 metre or a 5 metre garland (if there is a surcharge we will send you a separate invoice for the full amount). 

2. Once you have received a confirmation email, you will have your order number. 

3. Email with the order number and bespoke balloon garland as the subject title. 

4.  Let us know which colours you would like and how many of each colour.  See above for how many balloons are included in each kit.  You will need to confirm how many of each 11 inch and 5 inch balloons you would like in each colour. i.e. for a 2.5 metre you have 25 x 11 inch balloons - you might specify 10 black, 10 white and 5 turquoise, plus for the 5 inch balloons 20 white, 20 black and 12 turquoise. 

5. We will then send you a confirmation of receipt of order and create your bespoke kit for you.

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