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Artificial Monastera Palm Leaves (Various Sizes)

Artificial Monastera Palm Leaves (Various Sizes) - Set of 2 leaves - These artificial tropical palm leaves are perfect for decorating your Jungle Party, Tropical party, Luau, Dinosaur Party or any summer party theme. They are so flexible and perfect for so many uses. You can stick them to door entrances, dress the table with them, create stunning artificial floral arrangements, stick them to the wall as a photo backdrop or add them to balloon garlands.

Each leaf comes with a bendy wired stalk which is perfect for attaching it to arrangements for decoration. 

There are three sizes available - small 30 x 15 cm, medium 35 x 17 cm or large 39 x 21 cm.  2 leaves are included for each size.  See the drop down box at the bottom of the page for prices and options.

Use them alongside our other artificial leaves and flowers.

  • Set of 2 leaves include for each option
  • Small measures 30 cm length x 15 cm width
  • Medium measures 35 cm length x 17 cm width
  • Large measures 39 cm length x 21 cm width.

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