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Create Your Own Balloon Bouquet

Create Your Own Balloon Bouquet - A floor standing balloon bouquet looks fantastic alongside giant helium numbers or on their own.  We have a stunning range of latex and foil balloons available for you to create your own bouquet. See the diagrams for examples of how each balloon bouquet will look. To order helium balloons go to the helium number balloons collection.

Style of Bouquet and Colours

See the diagrams for examples of how each balloon bouquet will look.  There are two styles, formal or staggered (or informal).  A formal bouquet has a row of 3 balloons  on each layer and one at the top.  The one at the top can be a latex or a foil balloon. We have indicated in the drop down box which options can be styled formally, but these options can also be styled staggered if you would prefer.  When ordering just let us know which style you would like.

Browse the photographs to see some examples followed by all the colours available.  If you are looking for a particular colour which isn't shown please ask as will usually be able to help as we get new colours all the time.  Some colours may require double stuffing which will cost slightly more as more balloons are used.

Types of Balloons

Foil balloons are metallic shiny balloons which come in star, heart or round shapes.  Latex are a natural product from a rubber tree and come in pear shape.

Please note that confetti balloons only have a short float time of 6 - 8 hours as the weight of the confetti reduces the float time.  We suggest only ordering confetti balloons if you are presenting the bouquet straight away as we are unable to add hi-float to them to extend their float time. Other latex balloons will have hi-float added and will last 3 - 5 days or longer.

How to Order

  • To order select your required amount and combination from the drop down box at the bottom of the page
  • Comment in the notes box on the check out page with your required combination of colours.  If you order foil balloons please specify required shape (star, heart or round).
  • Select collection and your required date and time of collection.

If you have any questions regarding this product then please just send us an email to discuss.

Notes Please Read

  • One days' notice is required if ordering online. If you need the balloons the same day please contact us first by email or phone us on 020 8400 0570 (please don't leave a message or this may be missed), or chat to us on the chatbot.
  • The price includes the balloons, mini balloons around the weight for decoration, ribbon, a weight, helium, hi-float and labour costs plus a bag for transport if you have more than one balloon.  Hi-float increases the float time of latex balloons from 12 - 24 hours to 3 -  5 days or longer. Note hi-float cannot be added to confetti balloons hence their short float time.
  • For larger quantities of foil balloons in the same colour please check with us first and allow plenty of time before your order as we may need to order in additional stock.
  • Note that no cancellation refund is possible once we have started treating the balloons with hi-float (if latex) or inflating the balloons.

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