Pink, White and Gold Circle Garland

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Pink, White and Gold Circle Garland - This pretty garland is perfect for hanging vertically with lots of others as a stunning backdrop or horizontally as bunting.  Perfect for our Bride Tribe - Pink & Gold, 1st Birthday - Pink & Gold, Wedding or our Baby Shower party collection.  We also have a Black, White and Gold version.  The garland could also be used as a balloon tail for a 36 inch balloon but we would recommend that you use some fishing line or gold curling ribbon to secure the balloon and just use the garland as decoration.

  • The garland measures approximately 2 metres in length
  • Each circle measures 5 cm (2 inches) in diameter
  • Approximately 22 circles per garland
  • Made of card and white string
  • Only the gold circle is glittery, the pink and white circle is matt

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